Nora Lustig serves as Co-Editor of VoxLACEA, the web forum of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association. VoxLACEA is a policy portal for research-based policy analysis and commentary by leading scholars on the region’s economic outlook. It is set up by LACEA with the support of GDN. VoxLACEA aims to raise the level of the policy debate in Latin America and the Caribbean by providing a platform for researchers to present the policy implications of their work, and for researchers to learn about the policy debates in the region. As an independent economic discussion forum enriched by individual contributions, institutional reports and self-produced data, the portal welcomes economic practitioners of all nationalities, theoretical orientations and policy perspectives.

The intended audience is professional economists and practitioners (not necessarily at the PhD level) in the public and private sectors, policy makers, as well as academics and specialized journalists.

Articles, blogs, databases, and topics such as conflict and violence; education; energy; financial markets; fiscal policies; gender and diversity; global economy and LAC; housing; income inequality, poverty and economic welfare; infrastructure; international trade; labor; macroeconomics and finance; monetary policy; political economy; politics and economics; productivity and innovation; and regulatory and economic reform.

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