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Working Paper 1216: “The Impact of Taxes and Social Spending on Inequality and Poverty in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico and Peru: A Synthesis of Results”

Please click here to link to the most recent working paper from Tulane University’s Economics department. Published this month and coauthored with George Gray Molina, Sean Higgins, Wilson Jimenez, Veronica Paz, Claudiney Pereira, Carola Pessino, John Scott, and Ernesto Yanez, Working Paper 1216 estimates the impact direct taxes, indirect takes and subsidies, and social spending … Continue reading »

World Bank’s “Inequality in Focus”

Please click here to access the World Bank’s Inequality in Focus article by Nora Lustig, “Taxes, Transfers, and Income Redistribution in Latin America,” which was published by the Poverty Reduction and Equity Department.

Americas Quarterly: “How much does the 1% earn in Latin America? We don’t know.”

Please click here to access the Spring 2010 Americas Quarterly article by Nora Lustig, “A Matter of Transparency: The Top One Percent in the Americas.”