“Three clear messages emerge from the pandemic: authoritarian leaders in one country, are a danger to humanity as a whole; science-denier leaders in one country, are a danger to humanity as a whole; neoliberal health systems, are a danger to humanity as whole.

A fourth clear message emerges from the pandemic: people-to-people social protection is now more essential than ever. Government social protection schemes will not be enough (and will not be deployed fast enough) for all of those hurt the most: the sick without health insurance, the suddenly unemployed, the poor who cannot afford to buy enough soap and food.

Those of us who are more fortunate will need to step in and help directly. Start by continuing to pay your service providers: housekeepers, personal trainers, barbers, local restaurants, etc. Pre-purchase gift cards to support local businesses. Buy food and soap from online aggregators to donate to charities. Think creatively. We can all make a difference.” – Nora Lustig

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